Window cleaner Amsterdam

Califax provides professional and affordable glass washing

Great Amsterdam

The window cleaners of Califax Glazenwasserij clean windows all over Amsterdam. Every month we are also cleaning in your area.

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In addition to the outside, we can clean the inside of your building too. We work for both companies and individuals.

Telewash system

With this method of window cleaning no platform is needed. Tele-washing works safely and quickly so the costs can remain low.

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Your windows will dry with a clean and streak-free result. We work from the ground up and can reach places you cannot reach yourself, up to 15 meters high.

Also in your street

Are there no window cleaners in your street and you want clean windows?

  • Direct contact
  • Price known in advance
  • No additional costs afterwards
  • Good quality service, reliable and professional
  • Payment by bank or direct debit